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Looking for Input from Working Caregivers (and Employers Interested in Offering Caregiving Benefits)

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Hello! Cross-posting this from the Work and Jobs Board.   


I was forced out of my job at the expiration of taking FMLA leave to caregive for a parent.  My company had no resources or training on how to properly manage a caregiver-employee.  It was not an unusual thing to happen -- up to 40% of caregivers leave their jobs.  Scores more take reduced schedules, get passed over for promotions, or retire altogether.   And it created a passion in me to advocate for working caregivers.


I'd like to hear from you if you are working while trying to balance caregiving at home (or if you work for or own a company that you think should offer caregiving benefits).  What do you think would be the most helpful resource to make life easier?  What has been the hardest struggle in trying to "do it all?"  I'll address some of your questions in the upcoming two-part AARP Webinar Juggling it All: Tips for Working Caregivers.


You can register through these links and please let others know about the event:

Part 1:


Part 2:

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