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My husband had a below the knee amputation in November, 2019 due to diabetes and I have been his caregiver.  Prior to that he had a partial foot amputation.  Basically, he has just quit trying to help me around the house and it's a struggle for him to put his clothes on and off, how do I get him to just try to do more?  I work full time, take care of the house, yard, bills and him.  Additionally, my father is 97 years old and I have to go visit him twice a week.  I am exhausted all the time and never have any time to do something for myself.  My husband has a prosthetic, however, the nerve pain is so bad in his stump that he can't use his leg so we are in the process of trying different medications.  How do I convince him to try to do more things to help me around the house? Everything I ask him to do appears to be too difficult for him (he has also had 5 strokes which one of them left his left side weak, not unusable, just weak)  Any thoughts, suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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