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How can elderly neighbors keep tabs on each other daily?


How can elderly neighbors keep tabs on each other daily?

I am 77 years old, live in a condo community, and have nearby nenighbors who are as old or older than I am. We would like to figure out a way to check in with each other on a daily basis simply to confirm that we are alive and well. Can you help with suggestions on how to implement this?
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In the senior community where my mother lived for years and years, they had a system where each of the residents placed a colored tag outside their door by a certain time each morning and each evening - the tags and colors were different for morning and evening.


This was a high-rise, so one of the floor residents would do the checking - and report any oddities to the security staff for further checking.


The system worked well yet it was not intrusive and there was some very old ladies living there - well over 90.



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