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How a Brain Tumor Turned Jim Gaffigan into a Caregiver

Learn how famous comedian Jim Gaffigan's wife's diagnosis changed their family dynamic and how Jim had to step up as a caregiver. 


This is probably very relatable to a lot of you out there. What do you guys think of Jim's efforts? Tell us about your experience in transitioning to a caregiver role.



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I am so glad that Jim Gaffigan was a good caregiver to his wife, who had a brain tumor. It is very nice of him to put so much effort and care for his wife. But I feel sorry for his wife because she went through this tumor. I understand perfectly how she feels because, unfortunately, I also had a brain tumor, and I thank the people who took care and certainly the specialists from who helped me to escape this tumor. It is very important to have the right people with you in case such things happen.

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