Anger management

Mom is angry about need to enter assisted living. How do I deal with her anger and protect myself emotionally?
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Hello, Maryanne...


As a mom to 3 beautiful, unique, strong women, I never want to put my daughters in a situation of anger or harm emotionally; having experienced that and having watched my mom and her sisters experience that, I've taken measures to not allow that to happen for us.


Whether fortunate or unfortunate, most families haven't experienced that until they do, and it seems hopeless, as I'm sure you feel now.


Please know there are multiple resources here at AARP that can counsel and make the transition to assisted living somewhat easier and smoother.


Here's an article that can start your search: How to Keep Resentment, Anger at Bay When Caregiving Is Difficult (opens in new tab).


Maryanne, please know I'm thinking of you and your mom and you will succeed in this transition; take care and know you are not alone...





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