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Re: Finding help for one's self.

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Let your children and grandchildren help. Don't let them have regrets by telling them no if they want to be there for you. It might be some of the most rewarding time in both of your lives.

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Finding help for one's self.

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Hello. My name is Otis Wright and I recently lost my wife (Aug 16, 2017). I have been a member of AARP for many years. But over the years I have grown Old, and now need to set up some caregiving for myself. My wife an I discussed this issue often, and decided that we would be each others caregiver. That worked fine. But now that she is gone I need to take care of myself before I really need it.I don't have much of a family, only two grandkids and they both have two kids.  As I don't want to saddle them with being responsible for me, or have to put their lives on hold to take care of me I need to find something for myself and reviewing this article and this forum is just what I need. I probably will need some assisted live arrangement, as I don't want to be placed in a nurseing home if possible.I am living in Texas now so I am checking out some possibilities of assisted living here.My two grandkids and myself have an appointment today to discuss my situation. Maybe someone out there know of some good assisted living accommodation that would be suitable for an 82 year old.

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