Family Caregiver and Vaccine

Am I eligible for a vaccine in Northern California, as a family caregiver? I’m 53. I live with dad....84. 


Bless you for caring for your dad. I am an 84 year old Dad and depend on my precious daughter to care for me and my wife. I know exactly what you are going though. I live in southern CA. The sad state of CA is a failed state run by incompetent snowflakes that refer you other no nothing snowflakes. We will be getting our 2nd shot  on 2/16.

You will need to advocate for your self and find from your own network of friends and family. Call all of your local pharmacies. Don't give up. Stay safe.

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@e751354l this has been a big issue for so many family caregivers. I'm hearing a lot of different things - some are told if they bring their loved ones they can get vaccinated at the same time. Others aren't told that, but when they show up with their loved ones they do get vaccinated. I'm not aware that family caregivers are being given priority officially anywhere, but informally it is happening in some places. I'd echo others here in saying call your county health department and ask, and if your loved one you're caring for gets an appt for a vaccine be sure to be the one to take him/her and explain your situation and ask if you can also get vaccinated! Good luck! Certainly agree that caregivers of people who are vulnerable should have priority!


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I work for the Oklahoma State Department of Health and visited your state's vaccine dashboard. Here's a link in case it's helpful: I've not heard of caregivers being given priority at this early start of the phased distributions, but of course it does make sense. One thing to be aware of is that the CDC advises to continue to wear your mask, social distance and take all other precautions even after you've received the COVID-19 vaccine. This is because epidemiologists aren't certain about the possibility of transmission of the virus by people who are vaccinated. (Apparently you can still transmit it even if you're vaccinated.) So even if you're vaccinated, you may still pass the virus to your dad. We'll learn more about this possibility as more people are vaccinated and more research is done.

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Yes, the only way to check is to call the local  health department in  your county. They will tell you. Although it certainly makes sense for you to be top of the list, the availability of vaccine is the big variable. Good luck!

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Sorry, I can't answer your question  but just wanted to say, "YOU SHOULD BE ! "  cause I would imagine you go in and out for necessary errands.

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You might want to check with your state or local health department to find out what phase of the vaccine distribution you're in for your state.

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