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Dementia Patient and Caregiver Hit the iTunes Charts Singing Sinatra!

What an amazing story centered around bonding and singing between a dementia patient and her caregiver!  Hard not to love this especially if you are a fan of Frank Sinatra. This warms my heart! Check it out:

Would love to hear from anyone that has an experience with their loved one suffering from dementia and music!?

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how precious.,  wish all our seniors could have this experience!


My Dad had Alzheimer's and it was sad to see him lose interest in tv (could no longer follow the stories) or reading (would put the book down and have to start over).  However, music was a joy to him and so I made sure that we had music every day.  He loved all kinds but big bands were his favorite and we had many cd's   Thanks to PBS.  Every weekend there was Lawrence Welk and some. times Guy Lombardo.  He would sing along with the music and maybe even dance a little.

I treasure those times I had with my Dad.

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God bless you!  How privileged he was to have a daughter like you!

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Community Manager

I am sorry for the loss your Father, especially in that fashion. What a treat you guys shared together through music! Amazing. 

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