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Creating a Support for Loved Ones Music Playlist

Community Manager
Community Manager

Creating a Support for Loved Ones Music Playlist

At AARP, we believe in the power of music to heal, inspire, and connect. In the spirit of fostering love and support, we invite YOU to curate a playlist that embodies love, encouragement, and strength. Whether it’s a friend, family member, or significant other, your help curating a playlist will serve as a heartfelt expression of support.


Ignite the joy of music by sharing your unique song contributions with AARP SongTheme™ activity.


How to Get Started:


  • Visit the AARP SongTheme™ activity
  • Be sure you are registered and logged in to
  • Select the Caregiving Theme
  • Share your songs for support loved ones by entering the song title into the song selection box and clicking the search icon.


As a reminder, your musical choices can score you AARP Rewards points every day! As an AARP Member, you can add your songs and those of your peers to your personal Spotify® playlists.

Periodic Contributor

I don’t know about anyone else but I’m unable to get into the playlist. Clicking on the link takes me to a login page and when I remember my credentials I get a message that I’m not using a registered email address. Of course, I was already logged in otherwise I couldn’t have gotten to the link to begin with. I’ve tried this from chrome on my laptop and my phone. Any suggestions?


 Also is there a way to get to the community section from an app?

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