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Covid Vaccine Authorizations

Administers of the covid vaccine in nursing homes and other type of senior/disabled congregate living facilities have to have an authorization (consent form) signed by the receiver of the vaccine or their designate if the person is unable to do it for themselves.


If you are a health care authority designate for someone check with the facility on this Consent Form.

They are suppose to be sending out messages to you - so this is just a heads-up.  Don't procrastinate - when the vaccine gets to them, you want this paperwork to be ready.

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Hopefully - not to much of this will go on -

Kaiser Health News 12/17/2020 - With Vaccine Delivery Imminent, Nursing Homes Must Make a Strong Pit... 


from the link ~

About 3 million people — most of them elderly — live in nursing homes, assisted living centers and group homes, where more than 105,000 residents have died of COVID-19. They should be among the first Americans to receive vaccines, along with health care workers, according to recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and various state plans.


But long-term care residents’ participation in the fastest and most extensive vaccination effort in U.S. history is clouded by a significant complication: More than half have cognitive impairment or dementia.


This raises a number of questions. Will all older adults in long-term care understand the details of the vaccines and be able to consent to getting them? If individual consent isn’t possible, how will families and surrogate decision-makers get the information they need on a timely basis?


And what if surrogates don’t agree with the decision an elderly person has made and try to intervene?


More at the link ~


It's Always Something . . . . Roseanna Roseannadanna
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