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Cameras Inside Nursing Home Rooms?



With Coronavirus hitting and visitation bans being common, the possibility of putting remote cameras in loved ones rooms has renewed interest. This would give families to check up on their loved ones. 


How would you feel about legislation that would allow for this to happen? 

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Whether or not it has to be legislated, personally, I think it is a great idea that any type of care facility should have this monitoring capabilities for their own sake as well as that of the patient or resident.


If I were the owner or operator of a care facility, I think that I would want the protection and monitoring.  In fact, I might even go further and have things like the medicine-giver state for the camera what is being given.  How the patient/resident is handled when they may be going through some sort of episode.  A camera might also give more knowledge from which to grow from concerning accidents that happen, putting in perhaps further safeguards to prevent like-accidents.


Personally, I would put them everywhere - maybe the caregivers should even wear a body-camera.

We are talking about an area of high liability risk - most other places already have them - banks, schools, retail shops, other businesses.  Some of them have the capabilities in order to monitor their employees, some for crime prevention/ protection, some for liability issues -   Seems many of our elderly care facilities are out of the loop on this type of monitoring.


Course, all of this, would add to the cost of care, which many find it hard to cover now.  Add to that the number of elderly that have their care covered by Medicaid, shared by State and Federal, i.e. taxpayers at both levels, and I doubt if such would want to pay for it - that is, until they find themselves on the receiving end of the care. 

It's Always Something . . . . Roseanna Roseannadanna
Community Manager
Community Manager

@GailL1 I agree with you and I am for it as well. Would really help mitigate the scrutiny that many homes are under and would help ensure quality care during this extra delicate time!

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