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COVID-19's Impact on Nursing Homes and Election

The pandemic has had a major effect on 9534_39_preview.jpgnursing homes to say the least. Many polls have suggested that due to the ramifications that have transpired as a result of the ongoing pandemic older voters and their families might could have a huge effect on the election. 


Has the pandemic and what has occurred with your loved ones going to effect the way you are voting?



No, but an going to see a elderly relative today, and we had to make an appointment (1/2 hr visit) in a heated tent outside of the facility for 2, and we have to wear masks as the person we are seeing will have one also. I voted by mail this year.
AARP Expert

I bet it was a big help to your relative to have you with them as they ran through the gauntlet to get to the doctor! I work in one of those mazes: a primary care clinic on the side of a hospital. We finally moved the tents indoord because it's cooooold up here in the high desert of Oregon. The hospital hired 'greeters' who screen every soul who approaches the hospital. It's all rather intimidating, even to those of us who work there. Thank you for help them!  And, four ears are better than two when it comes to following medical advice!


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