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Community Manager

COVID-19 Vaccine for Nursing Homes by 2021?

According to the Jay Butler (deputy director of the infectious disease, 114830_39_preview.jpg

CDC) a Covid-19 vaccine available for assisted living communities, independent living communities and nursing home residents and staff members by December or January is reasonable to expect. 


Has your loved one been informed about this by their facility? If so, what are they saying about the process?


I would love to see the care facilities and assisted living/independent living folks get the vaccine so they can have visitors (wearing masks). They get lonesome and depressed within visitors.
AARP Expert

Wouldn't that be great? First the health care providers and 'essentials', because seriously, my grocery store staffpeople are definitely essential. Then everyone, staff, family and residents, in Long Term Care. First responders would be good: police, fire fighters, EMTs. I hope they make a lot of the stuff.

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