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Accountable Care Organizations

While Covid-19 has brought about plenty of bad to the caregiving industry it has also served as a catalyst for change in a good way. Hopefully the changes will lead to home health care providers seeing positive residual effects with ACO's (Accountable Care Organization). What differences have you noticed so far?



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I work as a social worker in a small (24 bed) rural hospital, and I work closely with the social worker in our long term care facilities. We have 2 nursing homes, 1 Assisted Living facility and 1 'group home' or foster home for adults with disabilities. This is in a county in Oregon that has 8,000 humans in an area the size of New Jersey. Anyway, we have only 32 cases, and no new ones in 3 weeks, no deaths, and none in any of the long term care facilities. The administrator locked down the nursing homes and assisted living buildings, strict masking and shields, and PPE, and more sanitation. No cases, and fewer infectious diseases like colds as well. Heightened appreciation for illness in staff has been a blessing. Luckily these folks all have sick leave. I think there will be fewer cases of influenza and upper respiratory issues because of these steps. The proof will be this winter.



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