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We need offers for home repairs!

Many people  that are in AARP, are still working and have homes to take care of. Some time in the future we will travel, ect. Offers to help connect with offers on home improvment,and remodeling,,,,,,,,,,would be welcomed! How about a 15% discount from Home Depot,ect!

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I guess the topic is still active so I'm not doing necroposting here. I'd suggested getting a professional help. If have the time do it by yourself, otherwise it's better to hire someone. It's your house, you're going to live there, and if screw something up you'll have to deal with it spending even more time. Here's my suggestion 

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My husband and I live in Pittsburgh, Pa. area. This spring a pine tree blew over into our house. Insurance adjuster was here and stated we need roof and gutter repair. He did not give any details to us or the insurance company. Now we are in need of ideas to enter in a contract for the repairs. Our entire roof is 30 plus years old. Our house is 750 square foot, which has a 4 room living area, saying that of course the roof is small compared to other homes. Any ideas to start the search will be helpful.

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