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My tenant lease ended on July 31. She was a tenant for almost 8 years and we never really had a problem, except she was late a few times. She demanded to stay until August 5. I told her it will cost her $100.00 a day until i get my keys. She ignored me and would not give me my keys. Yesterday, she gave up possession. The house was basically destroyed. Hardwood floors water damaged. walls smashed in the garage, in the den look like there was some kind of fire. there is damage to all the walls, the closet doors, bathrooms, bullet hole in the master bedroom, patched from the inside but can be seen from the outside. Tiny roaches crawling in the closets and over the house. tiles in the bathroom broken. Plus the house was extremely dirty. the attic door is missing and the insulation is exposed. They also left a bunch of their belongings at the house which she claimed was her ex-husband's and his family was supposed to pick them up.


What are my rights as a landlord? Will I be able to get a loan as a business person or a personal loan to fix my rental property with small repayment?

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Hi Jean.  There's something called a Landlord/Tenant Law that every state has in regard to lease agreements, statues that protect both parties, etc.  If you go to this website:

you can read the information there and scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on whichever state you are in to find out the rules.


And, if I might suggest?  Take photos of every part of the house and the way it was left.

I don't know if she gave you a security deposit before she started renting from you?  Or if there was actually a legal document/lease that was signed at the time she first took possession?

Good luck to you!



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