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Consumer Cellular?

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I see some posts on this company here, but not many recently.

We're thinking of moving off of Verizon.   Mainly to save money.  Considering Consumer Cellular ( AARP ).
The current Verizon plan, which actually includes my wife, daughter-in-law and myself is about $160 a month for the 3 of us with unlimited talk/text and 4 GB of data shared between us.
Looks like consumer cellular has good coverage in this area and we could put  my wife and I on a shared plan for about $38 a month for enough talk/text and 3 GB data shared between us.    For now we'd just hang on to our Galaxy S5's which are still working.   We do a lot of texting, emailing and web searching on our phones, plus navigation, etc.
I'd really like to have an Iphone 6, simply because an audio-related app I could really use at church does not run on Android.
What are you using?
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Re: Consumer Cellular?

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I may have come too late in my reply but if you have not yet changed over to Consumer Cellular, please reconsider or at least read my Post on our experience just trying to get the service activated on our new phones. We moved to them from AT&T to get better rates but at least we were getting what we paid for with AT&T.


Since I made that post we were finally activated but their charges go back to our sign up date even though we had no phone service for at least a week, not even the SIM cards to install. I have tried corresponding with them by email with limited response and no help for continuing problems. Their helpline number continually has a message that there is more than a 15 minute wait and that is certainly true. I left the phone off hook for over an hour one time with no answer until I finally hung up because the battery ran down. They supposedly offer an automated callback which will either keep your place in the queue or call you by appointment. Do not believe it! Neither option works.


The message here is that you get what you pay for with Consumer Cellular and maybe even less. Their marketing to seniors is truly a scam. I consider myself reasonably tech savvy and I know that we are not able to get the services that the smartphones they sell (i.e. iPhones) are able to deliver. I am very disappointed that AARP allows them to use their good name as part of their marketing. The small extra discount is definitely not worth the aggravation.

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Re: Consumer Cellular?

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I was also thinking of switching to Consumer Cellular and in the past had seen reviews of their great service. Now I am reading horrible reviews. Is this still a reputable service?  Is AARP aware of the issues and if so, why do they continue to recommend it to members?

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