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Consumer Cellular?

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I see some posts on this company here, but not many recently.

We're thinking of moving off of Verizon.   Mainly to save money.  Considering Consumer Cellular ( AARP ).
The current Verizon plan, which actually includes my wife, daughter-in-law and myself is about $160 a month for the 3 of us with unlimited talk/text and 4 GB of data shared between us.
Looks like consumer cellular has good coverage in this area and we could put  my wife and I on a shared plan for about $38 a month for enough talk/text and 3 GB data shared between us.    For now we'd just hang on to our Galaxy S5's which are still working.   We do a lot of texting, emailing and web searching on our phones, plus navigation, etc.
I'd really like to have an Iphone 6, simply because an audio-related app I could really use at church does not run on Android.
What are you using?
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