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I do not recommend Consumer Cellular.  While I was a customer of theirs for several years, their service reliability and customer service reputation has taken a huge dive.  I was without service from August 5, 2019 until August 12, 2019.  I had multiple online "chat sessions" with their customer service reps and several phone calls after driving 20 miles to find a weak signal, all with the same script read to me over and over, "turn off your phone and turn it back on".  They continually treated me as if I was too old and senile to know how to use a cell phone.  Upon doing my own research, I learned that the AT&T towers in this area were down and would be down for several days due to a well-kept serious problem.  As you may or may not know, Consumer Cellular is simply a reseller of AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile service.  Never once did anyone with Consumer Cellular admit the AT&T towers were down nor would any of those 10-12 different service reps I spoke with have any idea when service might be restored.  I have since switched service to Tracfone; however, Consumer Cellular is now refusing to adjust my last bill for the week I was without service, not to mention giving Tracfone a very hard time in switching my number over.  Consumer Cellular billing department is claiming there is no record of my being without service for a week as well as claiming my useage data shows I made 4,000 minutes of calls during the time I had no cell service, none at all!  I could not even dial 911.  I have records of all the chat sessions as well as records of the calls to Consumer Cellular I was able to make after driving 20 miles to find a signal and still Consumer Cellular insists I was never without service.  Consumer Cellular is endorsed by AARP and a large percentage of Consumer Cellular customers are seniors.  As such, customers need reliable phone service and do not have money to waste paying for services they do not receive.  AVOID Consumer Cellular, and AARP, if staff read these posts, please take a look at recent Consumer Cellular reviews and consider withdrawing your endorsement, instead endorsing a more reliable and consumer-friendly provider.


Agree 100%, I tried Consumer Cellular for a day and a half before deciding to terminate service under their 100% risk free guarantee. I've been trying to get reimbursed for the SIM cards ever since and Consumer Cellular is flat out refusing to honor their risk free guarantee.  I've been trying for the last month to work with AARP to resolve this with no success.  I highly recommend avoiding Consumer Cellular unless you enjoy loosing money and receiving poor service.

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