Return of Economic Stimulus (Deceased) - IRS Yet to Cash Check

Wondering if anyone received payment for a deceased family member, followed the established procedure for returning the payment, but is still waiting for the IRS to cash their check. 

The payment to my family member was received via direct deposit, but following IRS direction, I mailed a paper check over 2 months ago to the Kansas City office.  It has yet to be cashed.

Anyone with the same experience?  Trying to do the right thing, but this is creating an issue as it's preventing me from closing the associated bank account.  I'm tempted to cancel the check, but also want to do the right thing and avoid further issues down the road.

Appreciate any thoughts/feedback.  Thanks.

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Does anybody have any (other) updates on this?  I sent in a personal check in May to the Fresno location and as of today (10/12/20) the IRS has still NOT cashed the check. I was told by my bank that the check needs to be cashed within 6 months. I don't want to place a stop payment on the check and issue another one only to have the same thing happen. You call the IRS and good luck getting through and if you do they tell you to call the Economic Stimulus number which I did and they only continue to say "give it more time". My accountant suggested asking an IRS representative to place a note in my file stating that I've attempted several times to follow up on the cashing of the check but when I do reach somebody in Economic Stimulus they tell me they do not work for the IRS and therefore do not have the ability to place such a note.


How frustrating this continues to be. Any other suggestions?



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I am experiencing the exact same situation.  I sent a personal check from my deceased mother's bank account.  The stimulus payment had been direct deposited to her account in April.  I wrote the check May 9 and sent it to the KC office.  Three months have passed and it has yet to clear.  I called the IRS and they were absolutely no help at all.  The woman said just give it more time.  

I need to close out the account before the end of the calendar year.  I'll wait until November if I have to, but after that I will probably stop payment on the check and closing her account.


It absolutely floors me that  anyone would hang on to a check that long, let alone the U.S. Treasury.  Like you, I was trying to do the right thing.  But now I wish I had ignored it.  Good luck to anyone else with this situation.



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Just want to report that the IRS finally cashed my check of return payment.  Coincidentally, I also mailed my payment on May 9th to Kansas City.
Hopefully, your check has been cashed as well.  If not, at least want you to know that there is hope.   

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