health is important these days the most.especially our elders need much attention.

depression is found in old age people and teenagers mostly.

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Community Manager

Hi @VishalG394974, echoing @Rhymesometimes's gratitude for bringing this topic up. Depression affects so many people, and it's vital for us to normalize conversations about it. Like Christine, I use art to express my feelings, and my current medium of choice is watercolor. I pick some colors to reflect my mood/emotional state, and then I make watercolor washes with those colors. I've also found that gardening brings me a lot of joy 🌻

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@VishalG394974  Having had my struggles with depression and anxiety, I'm so glad you brought this topic up on the forum. Latest "expressive therapy" has been doing simple line drawings in ink/ water colors.  It's one of the most enjoyable things I do. ( other than limericks for the past few weeks )  add it to custom poems my husband and I write, then he adds beautiful calligraphy and we send it to family and friends.  We don't share those poems with others, letting the recipient share as they to drawing. starting with simple botanicalsnew to drawing. starting with simple botanicals

 As you can see, starting with super simple line drawings.  Hoping to improve my technique. 

---  Christine

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