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When to stop driving?

I hate to ask as I realize some feel driving is their freedom, but in the wake of 2 fatality car accidents this week in Las Vegas, in "regular" neighborhoods, and multiple so far this year, I have to ask when anyone will realize they shouldn't drive?


I donated my car during the pandemic following hospitalization for fall injury; I felt I couldn't rely on my senses to drive clearly and defensively.


Please, anyone who is our age, consider giving up driving if there are any cognitive or physical health issues?


This has been discussed here before: Retirees, When Are You Giving Up Driving? 


We have an obligation, don't we? We led the anti-war, anti-racisim, recycling-forward generation. Can't we lead the safe driving movement?



Phil Harris, actor and showman, to John Fogerty of CCR: “If I’d known I’d live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself.”
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Given the potential for grievous physical injury or death, it seems rather catawampus that some folks seem to want to make it easier to renew a driver's license than it is to register to vote.

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I am surprised at the lack of response to this topic @WebWiseWoman it's a good one.  Odd as it may sound to some, Driving can be a source of enjoyment on top of all of it's practical benefits.  It helps to keep in mind that, as Mr. Thompson the Driver's Ed. teacher pointed out back in the 1960's, "the license to drive is a privilege granted by the state, not a right".

  Until recently (and without realizing it) driving was the most dangerous thing most of us did, but the proliferation of gun violence has changed those numbers. your point...Yes.  Painful as it might be to lose the privilege of driving, Safety must come first.  Vision and Hearing test requirements for license renewal are inadequate.  As logistically daunting as it may sound in-car re-evaluations should also be required...maybe every other or every third renewal.

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Just have to add a caveat to the above opinion:

The real time monitors that Insurance Companies are offering with the chance of getting further discounts are an extreme measure that goes to the opposite end of the spectrum.  They simply circumvent various Rights of Privacy by baiting people into signing a waiver...Don't do it.  History also indicates that if the practice becomes common enough, eventually they will become required by way of No Monitor...No Coverage.

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This is a revolting development:


AARP Trip Monitor 


Now AARP is jumping on the Sign Away Your Right to Privacy bandwagon.



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