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The Power of Music

If you want to do something good for your brain, turn on your music player and sing along to a few songs. Better yet, sing and dance at the same time. Music stimulates many areas of the brain, including those responsible for memory, movement and mood, according to a new report from the AARP-founded Global Council on Brain Health (GCBH).


I've always loved music. My parents have home videos of me as a wee baby, and I'm intently listening to the music playing and ignoring everything else going on. I've been singing since I can remember, and I took piano lessons for a time and played the flute for 6 years. I also recently learned that my great-grandmother was an opera singer! My grandma on my mom's side was a piano teacher. Music is in my genes! Music has also helped me process my feelings, and is always there to soothe my soul when I'm going through a rough patch. I even met my partner at a music festival!


Do you listen to music to boost your mood? How has music helped you? Share your story today!

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Still Moving... 

The Sounds of Silence by Simon and Garfunckle

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Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers

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A happy song intended to unify people with... 

music and a smile!

I  Smile  --  Kirk Franklin

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Chuck Mangione - Feels So Good (1982)

Almost 40 years old and still sounding good!

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I don’t know if this counts as music...

But, usually about 6am my big black cat Jet, silently jumps on my pillow, and lays on my head. The loud, contented purring is music to my ears and my brain! By the way, he doesn’t do this to get me up...Jet would be happy to stay this way all day 😻.

Bronze Conversationalist

It certainly counts as music to me!   Did you know that cats are great at relieving human stress as you pet your cat?  People also live longer who are cat owners.  

I love hearing my cats purr.  Their purring makes both of us happy and content. (Love the name you've chosen for your cat, by the way.).  😁


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Sure @SLOTC, I think your cat's purring while laying on your head could constitute "music to your ears" much like a baby's breathing while napping or one's lover's melodious snores as you lay awake wishing he or she would put muzzle on it.  It all counts!

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"Snores as you lay awake wishing he or she would put a muzzle on it."  Hahahahaha!



I love the Beach Boys music! I'm a 70 y/o male and I know all of the lyrics and for my 67th birthday, my wife took me to the 50th anniversary Pet Sounds Tour when it came to New Orleans. Bunch of grey hairs and no hairs singing along like we always have>


As to an uplifting song, my go to tunes are "How Great Is My God" by Chris Tomlin,  "Go Rest High on the Mountain" by Vince Gill, "Eagle When She Flies" by Dolly and "God on the Mountain" by Linda Randle.

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Zoom: Lionel Ritchie 

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Unfortunately, I did not see the most recent version of the movie "A Star Is Born" starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga.  But two of the songs have captured me.  Here they are:




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Here we have a montage of old movie clips set to the very upbeat modern song "Uptown Funk" by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars.  Makes me feel like dancing.

Have fun!

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WOW!!  That was entirely too cool!!! Loooooooovvvvveeed it!  Thanks for posting, Lydia!!!

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This is entirely too much fun! Makes my day!

Periodic Contributor

Loved it. Loved it. Loved it. 
I think that says it all. 
Thanks for starting my morning! 💃🕺

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Hey Lydia, Thanx for sharing this video and music. It was AWESOME! There is one with Laurel & Hardy dancing to "Party Train"

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Hello, Ernie.  I'm glad you are enjoying my musical selections and the accompanying videos.  Music adds so much to our lives and helps us get through hard times like now.

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Ok, here's a few y'all missed, enjoy.....


1) Fire With Fire, Kansas (1983)


2) Live Every Moment, REO Speedwagon (1985) (official) (lyric)


3) What Is Life, George Harrison (1971)


4) Victory, Kool And The Gang (1986)


5) Is This Love, Survivor (1986)


6) Sugar, Sugar, The Archies (1969)

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Hey Scott, Dude those were fantastic recommendations! I enjoyed all of them.



I like to hear "I wanna love somebody like you" by Keith Urban. Always gets me in a great mood, and I don't even have a partner to sing that to. lol. How about Great Song.


I feel the Earth Move Under My Feet

Periodic Contributor

I’ve always loved that song since it first came out!

Thanks for sharing!


Feelin" Groovy, the 59th Street Bridge song.  Simon and Garfunkel


Norman Greenbaum "Spirit in the Sky"


Music has fed my soul since I was a little girl.  My dad was a jazz musician and my mother was a piano teacher  Of all the songs I listened to, two stand out as my go-to Happy Music, i.e. Chuck Mangione's "Feels So Good" and One of my go-to "Happy Music" songs! 

and Chicago's "Beginnings." Another one of my go-to "Happy Music" songs!   

ENJOY! 😀🎵🎶💖


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Proud Mary.  Tons of regret.  Can't live up to it.  



I grew up with music, listening to music on the radio, on the phonograph with 75s, 45s, and 33s, and always singing. My dad always played the music from his era - Big Band, Country, the Rat Pack. etc. During my school years, I was in band - started with the recorder, glockenspiel (marching bells), and eventually staying with the trumpet/cornet - from 4th grade until my senior year. In my first year of junior college, I was in a jazz band for a semester. For a couple of years, I accompanied the piano/organ at my church. Music is my go-to whenever I need to escape - clear my head, think through an issue, decompress, or just plain chill. It is the backbone of my foundation as I can listen to most any type of music - concert, spiritual, jazz, reggae, country, a little of opera ... The only three genre of music I usually stay away are rap, hip-hop, and heavy metal. One of my favorite memories is getting up every morning at 0500 to listen to Duke Yannacomb and Country Music doing my homework for many years in the Keys. My favorite of all though is, and will always be, Elvis.

Dar Myers
Periodic Contributor

Wake Me Up Before You Go Go by Wham!

No matter how horrible I might be feeling, if I listen to this, everything looks brighter. 
Give it a try 👍

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