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Re: Negative surroundings effecting Brain health

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Hi Norma,


Yuck, ugh and yikes, but that sounds like hell on earth.


It does sound like you are contacting the proper authorities. And in my experience (as both a former broadcast and print news reporter), this is the sort of story a news outlet would jump at.


Maybe you need documentation. Can you photograph the cars, trash, et cetera; document the number of persons in a house? Record the noise and whining dog sounds. Also get a few other people to join you and together petition those same authorities.


And if the city authorities still don't take action, go to the state. Same thing with the local news outlets: gather then present evidence, also with a letter or petition signed by as many people as you can get it singed by. If the local news outlets do not respond, go to a bigger, more regional outlet.  Even national if you must. National news loves to shame local news for overlooked stories. Smiley Happy


Best wishes,





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Negative surroundings effecting Brain health

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I have a rather different type of problem that I believe is effecting my Mental health.

I should start by saying that I have always been a strong individule with a logical mind and able to solve just about  anything that was thrown in my way. Many friends and Family members have called  on me first when faced with difficult situations knowing that I would always have some sort of solution.

Here lately I have been hit with a delima that I have reached a dead end on. 

Salinas CA. AKA the Salad Bowl of America. A Once beautiful place to live  situated in the Monterey Bay in Central region Of the coast line.

I live in a mixed neighborhood with many migrant workers coming through seasonally. Some of them stay and make their homes here. I have no problem with that except for some  recent discoveries.

It seems that some of them have chosen  to continue their entertainment traditions that are not acceptable here in the USA.These traditions involve Animal Abuse. Blood sports such as Cockfighting, Dogfighting, Along with the horrible methods of training these animals,. My once good neighbors are now raising Chicken in the City limits, Housing animals for dogfighting rings, as well as shareing their homes with multipal families. Sometimes as many as 20-30 people in one house. Add all the people and multiple Animals together in one house, several residents doing this in one neighborhood and we've got a big overcrowded mess. City neighborhoods were not designed for this. Suddenly the streets are over crowded with vehicles. No place to park, very difficult to get in and out of your own street. The noise is unbearable, security is at risk, and the trash is starting to pile up. Our City issues three plastic trash recpiticals. General trash , recyclable plastics, paper, & cans., and one for yard clippings. This system cannot handle anything larger that a normal sized family.  So the over flow is tossed into the nearest creek which flows to the ocean that is supposed to be a protected enviorment for migrating sea life. 

Here is the best part...

Our Government, neither City or State is doing a single thing to stop it because they want to allow the migrant workers to Preserve their heratage. Congress man Panetta stated that the migrating population was a priorty because we highly depend on them  to harvest our crops.

Our City Police force is understaffed so they ignore what they call minor offences like  domestic and animal abuse.

Families are having there homes broken into and their family pets stolen away from them. They are then sold to the black market for Blood Sports. 

I lay in bed at night and listen to the crys of the animals in distress and there is nothing I can do. I have written so many letters, made so many calls and reports to City Councle ,Chief of Police,  County, State, SPCA, Humane Society, PETA, I've attended Neighborhood Watch meetings, Animal Services meetings, Contacted the News media. and I am exausted. I can feel myself starting to sink into depression. I don't want to leave my room or get dressed., and this is just not me.

How can this happen in todays society?  I'm living in a nightmare and I can't wake up.I"m starting to believe that the Cartel has completely taken over and government has no power over them. What happens when we are too old to defend our own house and property from vandals? The last time I called the police for assistance , they ask me if I was feeling ok, and would I be willing to go with them to speak too a Doctor. 

What am I doing wrong here? Am I not contacting the right people? Am I not wording my reports correctly? Or am I just too observant and in the way?

I thought about just ignoreing it. But I was talking to a neighbor the other day and her little girl  tugged on my arm. I bent down to talk to her and she whispered to me " The Puppies are crying because they need help and no one is helping them"














Norma Ray
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