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Do you speak more than one language?

Did you know that learning a foreign language has many benefits for your brain? If you are bi or multi-lingual, what recommendations do you have for folks that want to learn another language?


I've studied Spanish since I was 11, and I also majored in Spanish Language in college. I was fortunate to be able to study abroad in Venezuela, and it was there that I truly became a Spanish speaker. While traveling and immersing yourself in another language and culture isn't possible right now, there are a lot of great apps and online meetups you can use to keep learning and practicing.

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When I was in high school, I opted to take Latin as opposed to a "living" language like French or Spanish.  So the only other languages I am fluent in now, other than English, is gobbledygook and sometimes gibberish.  lol

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I grew up bilingual. I was sent to a school in the US and spoke English as well as my native tongue. Spanish. 
In HS  I expanded my knowledge in "trying" to learn French. and eventually also learning Italian. 
My family was big on traveling, and also of learning other languages and cultures.
I have raised all  my children and have always spoke to them in Spanish, therefore, after also being taught that language  they all  are bilingual also.
I have always admired, that the times that I have traveled in Europe, most people speak several languages. 

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Similar to you.  I took French from 7th grade on and minored in it in college.  I traveled as much as I could to French-speaking countries and was conversational, almost fluent when I was in my early 20s.  Used to dream in French....


I've lost almost all of it now. From lack of use.  So I recommend the obvious -- use it as much as possible. 


I'm learning Spanish now and it's so much easier to pick up because so many words are similar to French.   And the grammatical structure is similar too.   


No, I never thought about it, but that seems to be a Nice thing for you to get into, Glad For You

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Yes, Portuguese.  My mother was from Portugal and I had to speak her language at home.  I learned from her and Portuguese newspapers.  I also took Spanish in high school which is similar.  Learning a new language may be something to do with the pandemic.

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