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Did 2021 fly by?

flying pheasant.jpgStudies show that age and experience affect the way time is perceived. It's generally true that the older you are, the more quickly time seems to pass since perceptions shift as more experiences become routine.


Do you feel like 2021 flew by?

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Another Covid year seemed to last forever with sickness all around and restricted activities.  Hope 2022 brings normalcy!  🤞🏻🙏🏻


2021 seemed extremely fast to me.  I spent from April to August in the hospital and rehab.  Everything was ruled out except it was caused by my reaction to the Moderna Covid 19 vaccine 2nd dose.  I started feeling bad April 1, when I was vaccinated and was worse the next day after I took it.   I was transported to the hospital on the 19th  by paramedics and flat lined twice on the way.  I was intubated and taken into ICU  Later it happened for the third time.  I remained in ICU and was given all types of tests.  There was never a firm diagnosis. I was placed in a rehab home on the 19th of June and wasn't sent home from there until the 27th of August.  I have been in therapy ever since as I had no strength and could not walk.  I am still in a wheelchair but I can walk short distances with a rollator walker.  I am improving, but am afraid to take the booster..  I have made a report to VAERS 

VAERS is co-sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA),.
My word for 2022 is HOPE.  I feel that I am very fortunate  to be alive and I don't want anyone else to have to experience what I experienced.  It did make the year pass very fast. 
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I'm glad to hear your health is improving @mdelvallej1. Sending you positive vibes 💜

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That’s an interesting theory.


Whenever I think about time it’s built on the 24-hour time standard based on the earth’s rotation. But I’m not that obtuse that I can’t appreciate the time perception argument.


The more memories and experiences we’ve got stored in our minds, the quicker we can process some situations or events and consequently the perception of time will seem to have passed more quickly. Who hasn’t said “time flies when you’re having fun” our minds must be going gangbusters processing and distributing information needed to have fun?


Why not have the best of both worlds and challenge your mind and learn something new every day even if your perception of time slows down but then if you need to speed it up a bit have some fun. “Only time will tell” if I’m right.

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Actually there is also a mathematical reason for the perception that time is flying by.


One year to a five year old is 20% of their lifetime while one year to a 50 year old is only 2% of their lifetime.


As you age, the years reduce as a percentage of your experience thus the sensation of quickly passing years.

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