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Affirmation Tea - Nov 2021

Hi friends! Fall is fully upon us in DC. The trees are blessing us with their bright and firey colors, and I'm loving it so much! The changing colors also mean the holiday season is upon us, and with that season comes stress and anxiety. We'll focus on affirmations that can help you curb that stress this holiday season. Also, check out 'Tis the Season to Curb Stress tips for practical ways to minimize stress and anxiety during the holiday season.


Coming up with a plan for your holiday celebrations is one simple way to overcome stress. Looking at the overall picture, and then breaking that picture down into smaller parts makes things feel much more achievable ⬇️


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How do you plan for the holidays? Do you notice how planning helps you to minimize stress and anxiety?


To affirm for yourself, reply with 🍂 or "yes."


For additional brain health tips and tools, visit Staying Sharp now.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

This week's affirmation is all about gratitude! Practicing gratitude is a powerful tool that can help relieve stress, boost your mental health and make you feel happier⬇️


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What are you grateful for?



To affirm for yourself, reply with  or "yes."


For additional brain health tips and tools, visit Staying Sharp now.

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