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Blood Test for Alzheimer's

Did you see that a blood test that could detect Alzheimer's is moving closer to reality? I think this is exciting because my Grandma was diagnosed with Alzheimer's when I was in elementary school, and it was a very difficult disease to watch progress. But it's also scary for the individual getting the test since there isn't a cure yet. What do you all think? Would you get this blood test?


That's a real tough call. Similar to your situation, my grandfather was diagnosed when I was in elementary school.  I've always been an anxious person, even as a kid, and I remember learning then that the disease was likely genetic / hereditary which disturbed me quite a bit. Back then, I eased the fears in my own head with the thought of "They've got about fifty years to cure it before it could affect me" (or "I've got [hopefully] at least fifty years before I have to worry about it even if they don't cure it!").  


Well, that time is creeping ever closer for me, and there's still no cure. There are times I search for a specific word that's jussst out of reach and I would guess it's nothing, but it does occasionally give me pause.  


I wouldn't get the test — right now at this point in my life, anyway. 


I think there would be other ramifications as well — how these tests could ultimately play into insurance coverage and a host of other things.


And as @RosemaryF433825 mentioned, how do you reconcile the knowledge of impending Alzheimer's if that's what the test results show?  I think it would really inhibit me from accomplishing all that I still hope to.


I appreciate all the research that's gone into it over the years, but it still is unfortunate that we've reached a point where they can tell whether you're going to get it but not how to cure it.

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@ Dog?  I can ASSURE you, trying to find a specific word in your memory banks is something that comes with age for everyone.  So please don't be afraid that you are coming down with Alzheimer's.   : )


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@AARPRachelA   I've tossed around the idea of being tested for Alzheimer's if ever there was one developed.  On the other hand, given that Alzheimer's runs on both sides of my family, (as do several other not so pleasant diseases), I'm not sure I would want to live out the rest of my life knowing either way.  How would I accept the prognosis if I did?  Would I spend the rest of my life wondering every day when it would strike me?   That doesn't sound like the way someone who loves life as much as I do would care to live.

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