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Affirmation Tea - May 2021‌‌

Hello wonderful people! May is Mental Health Awareness Month. To honor the month, affirmation tea will have a focus on mental health.


affirmation 11.png


Caring for your mental health is vital, especially as we age and during these uncertain times. This week, remember to be gentle with yourself and care for yourself with kindness. One way I do this is by journaling. I've found it extremely useful for tuning into myself and my emotions. It has helped increase my self-awareness and develop more emotional intelligence and empathy for others. In what ways do you care kindly for your mental health?


To affirm for yourself, reply with  or "yes."


Hope you all are having a magnificent week! Hasta la proxima semana (until next week) 💜

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Good for you @TheSuzyQ!

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