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Affirmation Rhyming

Affirmation tea is unique,

look forward for it all week.


Rachel is a wonderful host,

mental health this month's post.


Helps give my life a tweak.


---  Christine

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Community Manager

Come with me,

let's have a sip of tea.


Fill up your cup,

lift those spirits up.


Affirm for yourself, say "oui!"



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@AARPRachelA  Dang girl!  You got it, well done, love it!   ---  Christine

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Community Manager

🤗 this is such a clever and fun game @Rhymesometimes! Thank you for bringing it to the online community!

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@AARPRachelA Having a ball with it! 


Stress-buster new to me,

rhyming has become the key.

Limericks are a funny notion,

they are the magic potion.

Writing this I'm stress-free. 


Enjoy your weekend.   ---  Christine


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you @Rhymesometimes 🤗 I'm getting ready to share a new one shortly. Running a bit behind this week as there are lots of things going on 💜


I always appreciate your thoughtful and positive posts. Your presence here is so wonderful.

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@AARPRachelA  Thank you for your kind words.  Fun to post!  ---  Christine

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I know about affirmation, and I've done them. But what is affirmation tea?

Wanjiru Warama
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Hi @WanjirusBits , @AARPRachelA does a weekly affirmation on Brain Health forum. People  sign in that they are going to practice that affirmation, a few write a short response.  It's really about taking out a few minutes for yourself and incorporate that affirmation into your life.  ---  Christine

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