Will the restaurant discount benefit list ever expand?

I have been a member for over five years and the list of restaurants has never changed for my area. There are only two listed for my small city, Terre Haute, IN. While I appreciate all of the travel and hotel benefits as a member, I think a bit of expansion in the dining area would be great. Sorry, all of us do not live in major metropolitan areas. Plus even when I did live in Denver, most of these restaurants were unknown. Maybe add a few more steak places and some theme restaurants. Thank you for whoever sees this and what do you think?

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@lb48372606 Thank you for sharing your feedback. Please know that AARP is always working to identify discounts and other member benefit opportunities that meet the wants and needs of our members like you.

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Okay, so that would be a no, right? The way you worded that reply, reminds of that Winston Churchill meme about being able to tell someone to go to hell and them being happy to go. Thank you for that very eloquent response. I'll just keep re-upping my membership so AARP can keep selling my name to these tree killing advertisers. SMH. 

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It seems that you have finally discovered that most AARP Discounts are a sham.


The discounts can usually be obtained through other means like direct discounts from the retailer or through other memberships, like AAA.


Let me give you one example.


The Blooming Onion franchise made up of Bonefish Grill, Outback Steakhouse, Carrabbas Italian Grill, and Flemings Steakhouse.


First of all, all of these franchises, at one time or another, sell their gift cards at a discount through the Costco stores.


But even more important, they all have a loyalty REWARDS program. You cannot use their rewards program at the same time you are using an AARP discount is what I have been told more than once by the management of these franchises.


The Landry franchises are a similar situation.


AARP discounts have always been a sham. At one time there used to be a Entertainment Coupon Book discount operated by AARP Rewards in conjunction with the Entertainment Coupon Book company.


There was a coupon that appeared in my area for a Buy one, Get one greens fee for a local golf course. Problem was that the golf course had been closed for a year, the property was padlocked because the course owners had run afoul of the law, weeds were growing, and of course, the coupons weren't worth the paper they were printed on.



They give us "points", but there is nothing but a change to win a discount with the points.   I do not see any value in obtaining the points they give.  They appear to be totally worthless.

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