The Hartford - Bait and Switch

Switched to The Hartford via AARP last November. Got my first renewal and my autos went up 29%. No explanation provided when I called. No tickets, claims, accidents either. 


So, what was a savings versus my previous insurance company is now more expensive. 


AARP- this feels like a slimy bait and switch. I'm going back to my former insurance company. 

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I would hate to go back to my former insurance company, they more than doubled my rates upon adding another vehicle back in '18 (which was a 4 year old base model compact).  Figuring costs for as little as I drive, it was costing me close to 75 cents per mile in insurance costs.... way more than gasoline!  From what I'm reading here, not looking forward to next years renewal.  


Always wondered how they figured rates on multi vehicle, It was suppose to be based on the most expensive vehicle with the most coverage, my argument is I cannot be driving all vehicles at once.   Any insight on that?  Years ago my GF living with me added me on her policy, her rates dropped over $20/month after they ran my record, yet my policy kept increasing at the time.   


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