New Barclays AARP Credit Card: Chase 6.99% interest to Barclay 16.74-25.74% interest

AARP, I can't believe you have sold me out!!! My Chase credit card, which I have had for a long time, started at 6% interest and only increased to 6.99% over many years. The Barclay card interest ranges from 16.74% to 25.74%. I don't care what kind of benefit Barclays gives, like 3% cash back from some purchases, it will never make up for the increase in interest. 


Perhaps Barclays is giving AARP a bigger cut, but you have hung your members out to dry. That card was our emergency card in case something happened that we can't afford immediately on a fixed income. Now we will have to flush a great piece of our reduced retirement income down the toilet for interest for medical or other surprise expenses. I say SHAME ON YOU AARP!!!

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What you wrote about is only one of a whole host of rotten issues with the Chase-Barclay transition.   I only found out about the transition today (2 weeks before the cut-off) when an email and postal mail message arrived.  I've going to be traveling during the transition period, my new card probably won't arrive before I leave, and I can't use my Chase card after 9/16 --- but the new card can't be activated until 9/20.  What are we supposed to do for those 4 days between cards??  All of my hotels, rentals car, etc. are booked to the Chase card, and I have to present that card at check-in or my reservations will be canceled.  


Barclays won't take calls from AARP members until 9/20.  I called AARP, and the rep said that all she had was the same brochure I got in the mail.  This is a nightmare customer-service nightmare.  I applied for another credit card today and will cancel the Barclay card as soon as it arrives.  


I tried activating my card thru the recommended BARCLAYSUS website - request was rejected. Then I tried to activate using the voice response unit number on the front of the new card. That also got rejected. I have been on hold waiting for someone to help me figure out how to use this new dang card for over 30 minutes...Hope you are all having better luck!

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