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Issue with using Expedia Flight Credits


Issue with using Expedia Flight Credits

I don't expect any resolution to this, but I thought I would post this as a warning to others.

Earlier this year, I had to change a flight due to a medical emergency. Expedia could not (would not?) change it to anything convenient, so I wound up booking the flight directly with the airline. I got a flight credit with Expedia. 


Aside from the fact that Expedia messed up my ID so badly that I can no longer logon or reset my password, I finally tried to use the credit. Which meant multiple phone calls to Expedia - which is another post. Below are only the two attempts to use the credit.


Try number 1. They said they couldn't use the credit on just any flight, even though I was looking at them on their site. All right. I'll try another trip another time.


Try number 2. With more flexibility, I call again. This time, all the flights I see are available. Odd, but ok. I'm told same airline, same flight class. Sure, that makes sense. So, I choose my flights. My credit was about $560. The fare was about $766. So I'm going to owe about $200.  Only, when I'm given the cost, it was over $1100.  I explained to the agent she must have selected the refundable fare, not the non-refundable fare. She starts the whole script over again. After going around the merry-go-round a few times, she tells me the $766 fare is a 'promotional' fare. It doesn't say promotional. Not on Expedia's website, not on the airline's website. And isn't it interesting that the fare is about TWICE my credit?


So I have two choices. One, leave the credit on the table. Two, use the credit and fork over another $500+ dollars.


I decide for option two.  And while it will cost a little more to go directly to the airline, I know I will not have to fight with Expedia if anything goes wrong again.


Expedia's customer service is dreadful. If you look on the BBB, they have an A+ rating. However, there are over 1,800 customer reviews which are not taken into account. the average customer review rating? 1.05 stars out of 5!


So, my warning. If you have any trouble with Expedia, be prepared for poor service, going in circles with people who can only read from scripts, and what I consider shady 'resolutions'.  I for one will never do business with Expedia again even though I'm sure they're not crying over the loss.


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