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Expedia Website Logon and Customer Service tale of Woe


Expedia Website Logon and Customer Service tale of Woe

I wrote another post where I didn't expect a resolution and I don't expect or want one from this, just decided to vent on Expedia's dreadful customer service.


Somehow, my ID got messed up. So messed up that I can't reset my password. I called, they can't reset it. I was promised (more than once) that 'technical support' would look into it and call me within 48 hours. Of course, they did not.  Interestingly, when I logon to AARP, then get to Expedia through the travel, it lets me in. The last booking I did, I thought that meant the issue had been resolved.


Until I clicked on the itinerary link to select my seats. I can't get in. I call. No itinerary found. I call. No itinerary found. I use my ID. Nothing found. I wade through the menu to finally get a person They can't find the itinerary through the number they sent me. They can't find it through the ID.

Fortunately, I was able to get the flight up through the airline website and deal with the seat and anything else that way.


I call again to try and find out what's going on. I say I can't access the itinerary through the number or ID. They ask for the itinerary number, then tell me they can't find it. I say I know that. Then they ask for my ID. I give it to them. They tell me they can't find it. I tell them I know that.  Finally, they fine it though my phone number. You know what's there? My itinerary and ID - as I gave it to them.

I get a different record number. "Just use this next time". OK.  That call took an hour.


That trip wound up giving me a credit. I call for information on the credit. I call. Can't use he record number, so i wade through, pressing random buttons until I get a person. I tell them I can use the itinerary or ID because something is messed up, but I have a record number. They ask for - the itinerary number, then my ID. And this time, they can't find it with my phone number either!  Then tell me they need to transfer me to a specialist. The 'specialist' they transfer me to is the AARP number. Not the AARP travel number, the main AARP number. Another one hour phone call.


Call number two. I tell them I want to talk to a supervisor. Oh, they can't unless they go through a process, Guess what the process is? Yep. Same script. They do not listen. FINALLY, the guy uses the record number, finds the credit. I say I want to know how much it is. He says "So, you want to book a trip?" I said I want to talk to a supervisor.   On hold for a loooong time. Get one, go through the whole crap again He gives me a 'ticket number" different from the record number.  Another hour call.


Calll number three. Go right for the supervisor. Had to raise my voice because I told them I am NOT going through that crap again and again because they do not listen. Got a supervisor. Tried to book. This is when I'm told I can't book a from the fights I see. No, the credit is only for selected flights. I ask if he'll check with the airline. The credit was due to a medical emergency, not because I just changed my mind. He said he would. I was on hold while he did, although I'm sure he just went for coffee. Came back, said no.  Now, I'm doing a one day in, out. And this man didn't think it would be an issue to fly into an airport and have the outbound flight TWO hours later!  Not even a 'but I think this might not be convenient.' Not a hint of concern, not a flicker of awareness that a two hour stay would not give anyone time to even get out of the airport!  Another hour wasted.


Call number four adventure is posted elsewhere, but in that one, I found that the only way I could use my credit was to get a fare that was not listed, but one that was twice the credit issued.


I don't know how this company stays in business. There are other times I have called to check on something, to be asked "So, you want to change your flight, is that correct?" when I said nothing of the sort. The do not train their people other than to follow their scripts without fail. Their people do not listen or are unable to understand English well enough.  As I said in the other post, they may have a A+ BBB rating, but the customer reviews put them in a 1-star rating and would be lower except zero stars is not an option. Just beware.



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Hi @bgullotto! We are sorry to hear about your experience with the AARP Travel Center provided by Expedia. I read both of your post about the issues with logging in, Expedia not being able to locate your reservation, and concerns with using your flight credit and the price difference in selecting a "selected flight." Depending on the length of time of when you received your first record locator number, those numbers are purged which causes Expedia to have to create a new one. Fares do vary on the airlines websites and the online travel agency websites. It sounds like that you have already booked a flight using the credit, but it was for an additional $500+.  If this is not the case and you still need additional assistance with this concern, 

we would be glad to work with the Escalation team over at Expedia to have this investigated for you. To do this, we will need more information. At your convenience, please send a private message to provide the following:

  • AARP membership number (or home address)
  • Email address used for booking reservation & telephone number
  • Description of your issue
  • Please provide your itinerary number, record locator number, and any other number provided to you by Expedia.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate you informing us of your concern. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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I had booked a package through AARP travel center and although I was able to successfully change my itinerary it took half the day and was extremely stressful. I resolved to never book through a third party again. Direct booking through the airline, hotel or tour company is the way to go, imo, regardless of the ‘discount’. 

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