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How do I get point??

I am new here.  How do I get the points??


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If you mean Earing Points for the Rewards Program... Follow...


Click here ---->  Learn and Earn Points with AARP Rewards


Depending if you are a 'paid Member of AARP' - you will receive full benefits and higher limits and privileges - up to 7,500 points per day. You can accumulate and 'redeem' for gift cards, physical items or discounts or enter monthly Sweepstakes or Daily Instant Wins. It's all your choice - really your choice.


If you are 'not a paid AARP member' - you will have limited/ less benefits and privileges - but can earn up to 5,000 points per day.


Click here ---> Program Details and Rules, The AARP Rewards Playbook


If you're earning points by watching videos or taking quizzes ( quiz are not graded - you get points - no matter what). There are extra promo points you can add each week; look around the Forum here, we have many other members 'volunteering' our time with advice and tips - for all.


😎  Welcome to the 'Earning Games and may the odds be ever in your favor ' 

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