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I have had some serious issues with Hartford in the last month. They substantially raised our rates. It is nearly impossible to contact an agent, and, if you have umbrella insurance you CANNOT get information about renewals, which in my case is on 6/1/2022. I went to consumer reports and found that Hartford is way down low in the ratings. I now switched to another company in the top 5 consumer report ratings and have saved over $1100 in my home, auto and umbrella plus very easy access to an agent. So AARP, you should consider your recommendation with HARTFORD.  Based on the comments I have seen is a common post on Hartford. I have lost my confidence in AARP to recommend any kind of provider. Buyer beware with AARP, including Hartford.


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Indeed. AARP touts Hartford's Homeowners insurance as a member benefit, but it is not a benefit shared equally by all members. Hartford will not offer homeowners insurance under the program for property located in Louisiana. This is a classic "redlining" practice where a company wishes to write some coverages in a state, e.g., auto, but doesn't want anything that might create much of a risk to the bottom line. If not illegal in all jurisdictions, it is certainly unethical, and not in keeping with the guiding principles to which most insurers aspire. AARP needs to disclose this in its "state availability" portion of its disclosures.

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