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Hartford Customer Service is Awful

I got a home/auto quote online from Hartford, and they weren't helpful when I called to ask questions. The rep was very "cold" on the phone and didn't want to discuss the quote. She said that the numbers wouldn't change.


I wanted to discuss endorsements such as sump pump, insuring my French horn, car rental insurance, etc.


I hung up thinking that there is no way I would do business with a company that treats their potential customers in such a manner. Anyway, this is definitely not how seniors should be treated, especially if you aren’t very good at advocating for yourself. Very disappointed.


I didn't even get the chance to tell the rep that I wanted to discuss endorsements. I told her that I wanted to discuss the quote and was shut down immediately. Also, they don't offer umbrella policies in the State of Wisconsin.

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After spending hours getting different auto/homeowners insurance quotes, it boiled down to either State Farm or Integrity Mutual. I was able to get better rates with Integrity Mutual--$200/year lower than State Farm. State Farm defaults to a 1%/$3200 (default) deductible--1% of your dwelling coverage--to keep their quote low. Be aware of this. If I would have went with State Farm, I would have changed it to a $1000 or $1500 deductible, but they said my premium would go up. All-in-all, the best that I could find was a $300 increase in annual premiums--more than I had with Meemic, who is no longer insuring educators in Wisconsin.

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