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This is the division of AARP that develops the Benefits & Discounts:



complete with contact info.

AARP Services Manages Member Benefits Providers


from Wikipedia:

AARP Services, Inc., founded in 1999, is a wholly owned taxable subsidiary of AARP that manages the range of products and services offered as benefits to members.

It is the profit making arm of AARP.



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Good info Gail.

One thing for sure what has happended with the Credit Card Program shows this group has not a clue about Seniors, AARP and its members. AARP needs to replace the Management Team of this section of its operation today.

There are other organizations who have taken this approach on extra benefits and it has worked very well. The key is choosing good people to run such a group, and make sure all programs are well planned and monitored.  None of that took place with the Credit card.

Lets have the AARP monitors in here get us a statement from this group on what they are doing to correct the Credit Card mess and what new benefits they are adding to the Credit Card Program to atone for the current mess they created.

Here are some suggestions: 4% Dinning rebate, $100 rebate now to all cardholders. AARP will take no money from the program for 5 years, and that includes the foundation. The Bank will  take no profit for 3 years. That money will be plowed back into the program to make it better.

If anyone has ideas add them.

We all look forwarded to hearing from AARP.

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