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Encouraging self-center sales

Upon reading the article on erroneous/scam shopping, I saw a couple of comments made by AARP discussion director that I found just downright wrong from, Regarding Amazon "subscribe & save" a scam from my experience.  I was skeptical about it to begin. I no longer drive,

so some items like cat litter being delivered was a real help. When I no longer needed the litter they kept sending it over & over no matter how many times I tried to just get their attention . Then PP CREDIT!  I was satisfied with the PayPal services I'd been using. They kept ignoring me when I tried to contact them (a human).about the credit issue.Then the credit came up again 3 times total with NO HUMAN help, I decided to cancel any/all PayPal after this went on occasionally for about 3 yrs...began right after they started their credit  branch. I use my bank debit card when shopping on Amazon, & that's minimally.  Even after that I was contacted by PayPal for $$ due. Gratefully there are other options.  Thank you for letting me spew & take up LOTS of space on the site.  😉  Donna

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