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Deceptive practices by AARP Travel Center/Expedia - Rental Car Insurance SCAM

I booked a rental car from AVIS thru AARP Travel Center/Expedia.  In the process there was a place to check off for "Collusion Damage Plan".  I checked this item thinking it was a Collision Damage Waiver offered by Avis. After completing the reservation I found out from subsequent E-mails that this was actually a third party Travel Insurance Policy.  Third party travel insurance for rental car damage is of no use or value to me, since I already have coverage with my regular auto insurance.  In case something happens, the rental companies don't care what coverage you have - they just put a big hold on your credit card.  This travel insurance is just more insurance that the rental company will ignore.  AARP should be ashamed to be involved in such deceptive practices and not disclosing what it really is that they are offering. AARP is just like all the other scammers trying to take advantage of seniors.  I did find a link that supposedly allows me to cancel the insurance, but when I try to use it, I get a message that the cancellation can't be processed at this time.

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Dear rd25424349, I am sorry to hear about the concerns you have with the Collision Damage Plan that is offered during your booking process through the AARP Travel Center powered by Expedia. The collision damage plan is through Travel Guard. When it comes time to select whether or not you want to add the collision damage plan, it lists some of the basic benefits of the plan, and it also allows you to view the insurance details and disclosures in full. When you click, "View insurance details and disclosures", it will take you to, where you are able to view the policy of insurance by state. You only have a certain amount of time to cancel the collision damage plan if you decide you no longer need it.


If you would like me to reach out to the AARP Travel Center powered by Expedia to determine if you are able to cancel your Collision Damage Plan and obtain a refund, please send me a direct message or call AARP toll-free at 1 (888) 687-2277 and provide the following information:


- your name and address

- your itinerary # with the AARP Travel Center powered by Expedia

- the dates of your rental

- your phone # and email address used for booking


Thank you.


- Stephanie B.

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