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just wanted everyone to know to avoid Budget Rent a car, for their shady practices. 

I rented a car on 12/1/21 with pick up at Daytona Beach Fl and dropped off at Sanford airport on 12/5/2021.   I received an email stating the rental was successfully returned"thank you"" On 1/19/22, I received a letter in the mail dated 1/12/22 stating I was going to be charged $799 for Glass damage. I immediately called Budget and spoke to someone named Cesar.  Cesar could not provide any details of the damage, any pictures or any repair receipt.  When I asked "how can I know there was actual damage and How do I know it was repaired , I was told " you will have to trust us" NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!  Shortly after, I was sent an email stating "per out recent discussion , we will NOT be charging your credit card for damages( AS there was NO DAMAGE upon return of the vehicle).  On 2/15/22 I checked my bank account and there was a charge of $544 on my credit card from Budget. Again I immediately called and spoke to Michael , who said "Im sorry, this was a computer error" He said he would refund the full amount and sent  an email to verify.
SO>>>.why was I charged when I was told I would not be? AND Why was the amount differnet??  Is this someone scamming me, or is this company so shady or disorganized and unprofessional?   I have used Budget many times in the past, along with other rental companies and have never been treated so unscrupulously before.   Luckily I checked my bank statement within 24 hours. How many people do not bother to check or follow up? How many people have you conned and scammed by these deceitful tactics this company used? I will be reporting this to the BBB and AARP, as I used my membership to make the reservation. AARP has a strong presence and I believe they need to know what type of fraudulent and unethical company they are partnered with.
I dont appreciate being played as a fool.

warning: Take picutures before returning rental and check credit card statements every month for unscrupulous charges.

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I had budget in Nov and they did the same thing with charging us for a full tank of gas even though we filled it up. My advise is to walk around the vehicle before you leave, either take pictures or video of anything that looks fishy tell the agent and once you return the car ask for a paper copy and make sure they note you have a full tank of gas/take a picture of it yourself. otherwise they seem to charge you for it.


All rentals seem to do some fishy stuff, but not all.

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