AARP should review Rental Car discounts

I recently traveled to Seattle and needed a rental car. I shopped with the AARP discounted rates from both Budget and Avis. The rates, if they were not  discounted as claimed, and were higher than rates I could get shopping on my own through other car rental company websites.

I saved more money by using Expedia.

AARP should review the arrangements with these companies, and revoke their endorsements if the facts and promised discounts don't prove to be what is claimed.

K A Bolin

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Community Concierge

Hi @ddsbolinka, here to help clarify. With Avis and Budget, AARP Members save up to 30% off base rates (for Avis & Budget), plus get an upgrade on compact through full-size car class bookings based on availability, an additional driver at no cost, and more. The AARP discount for Avis and Budget are indeed discounted as advertised above and on the AARP website. However we cannot, unfortunately, guarantee that rates in our programs will always be the lowest in every possible situation or compared to every other company. This means that while you may find a lower cost with another company, you will always get the lower cost and extra benefits included with the AARP provider program. You are strongly encouraged to evaluate and determine based upon your own needs and circumstances, whether a particular product is valuable to you. AARP’s endorsement of products or plans from a particular provider does not mean that the products or plans are the right choice for every AARP member, so we do encourage our members to shop and select the products and pricing which best suit their needs. While competitive pricing is a major concern in offering products to our members; value, service and availability are equally important in the development of our programs. I hope this helps clarify.

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