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Virtual Reality

Is there any chance for a Virtual Reality forum on line.

VR is opening a lot of new doors for seniors in multiple areas in health mental and physical, welfare, socialization and entertainment

AARP set up Alcove an app from it's innovation labs. There are the occasional articles I'd like to see more.


Virtual Reality For Seniors: A Practical Guide (From the Smart Glasses Hub website)


About Alcove

Alcove is built as a platform for content with a mission to bring intergenerational families and the VR ecosystem together. It was built to be scalable and includes experiences created and curated by AARP Development labs. Alcove currently includes content from creators around the world including AARP, Blend Media, the Dolphin Swim Club, EcoVR, Georgieff Studio, Head Start Design JumbliVR, Rendever, Paracosma, Parkline Interactive, Patched Reality, Sygic Travel, VArtisans, Virtuleap, and VR Health.




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