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Recently AARP  had a very nice discussion about protecting yourself and your credit but one thing was missing  and that was going out and buying a shredder. I shred every piece of mail that comes in and especially things with my name address and the business name on the envelope. People will go through your garbage looking for anything personal about you. The wind was blowing very  strongly yesterday and what blew into my yard a persons banking info credit card numbers and acct numbers savings balances if I were a crook i would hit the jack pot. Please dont enable these villians  spend the 40 dollars  get a cross cutting shredder  the info you save is better then insurance. BTW  this also applies to medicine bottles also remove the bar codes and personal information  and doctor name these items also are used in SS fraud and another way to get at you. Think before you throw things away hope this helps

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Thanks Gary for that! I wanted to also add there are ways other than what you shared for ID Theft & fraud...there is such as thing as "illegal phone" tapping either a landline & a cell phone (non-internet-data phones).

Our Privacy is invaded & then there is the CPNI (Customer Proprietary Network Information) where they do sell your information & you know there is "always a slip of the tongue".

Stay Healthy!!!

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