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Online Community Refresh SUGGESTIONS

There is a LOT of clutter in the Online Community Refresh topics so it seemed appropriate to create one specifically for suggestions to improve the new process.


With that said, may I suggest...


1.  Putting a link/button at the bottom of the page to go back to the forum "home page" like existed before the change?


2A.  After you've read the topic and possibly added a response, when you close or leave the topic, the topic should not remain highlighted/darkened without having to indicate the "mark topic as read"?  In a topic with MANY responses, you may think you've reviewed every response, even the one just posted to it, and when you leave the topic it remains "unread"/highlighted.


2B.  If you read an entire topic AND all responses and add your own, it appears the topic defaults to "unread" instead of "read".  One's own response shouldn't indicate the topic is "unread"; presumably they read their post.


3. Maybe there would be some value to "float" this topic to the top for awhile to provide easy access to suggestions vs. the loathing 😜 


Thank you for your consideration.

If you routinely express intolerance, please consider the definition of "bigotry".
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