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Having earned my ACE banner

Why is it that AARP has taken out my ACE icon from my name?  I am an AARP member so what is the reason?

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Technically speaking, when all the post in the Politics and Current Events board disappeared - so did the number of kudos that were attached to those post - the PCE board kudos didn't count anyway since 12/2019.

from the link ~

How To Become An Online Community ACE

  • Receive 25 Kudosa rolling six month period or since program launch (12/13/19)

*excluding on Politics, Current Events forum posts


Pretty sure that it is the number of post and the associated rolling kudos which you are lacking to get such an ACE title - what does it matter if you aren't participating here for the most part?


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Gail the  Kudos that I had in that forum never counted to become an Ace. I was an ace until a few weeks ago. so I don't understand. I have  to date 35 Kudos which is more than 25 and I will be posting here and  at the Medicare forum frequently.

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You are back as an ACE now - think the count has to do with the the time period when you get the 25+ kudos - it says "rolling six month kudo count".  

I don't know since I am not registered to be an ACE.  If you stay somewhat consistent in your post and your kudo count you will maintain your ACE status.



It's Always Something . . . . Roseanna Roseannadanna
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