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AARP Chase VISA card has informed me that Barclays Bank Mastercard will be taking over all their accounts.


Some years back, I had this occur with a Bank of America VISA account I had.  My overall experience with Barclays Bank credit cards was poor.  Having had numerous credit cards over many years - this experience with Barclays was the sole bad one.  Perhaps they have changed??  I will not be finding out as I just canceled my AARP Chase card.  On the plus side - the very helpful customer service rep at Chase advised me that I had some unclaimed "points".  We then arranged to use these "points" for a couple of gift cards!  $35 worth.  😃


Every cloud ....


Hi wilful, I too received the 'improved' Barclays CC information from AARP.  I will not change from Chase to Barclays just so AARP can make $10 per head of members they are able to tranfer.  I have chosen to 'opt out' of the conversion per the instructions on the first page of the letter.  Now AARP not only loses the $10 but their 'kickback' on the $700 per month I I charge on the Chase AARP card.  Dumb move AARP, don't assume because we are over 60 we are stupid because we are not. 

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