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I can't seem to find any current information about the rewards catalog.  I've been collecting points for a while and would like to redeem them.  Thanks for any help with this.

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There aren't any rewards prizes. They are all a bunch of e-cards that you can get free at so many websites. In the past year or more all they have are $5 gift cards for places that cost way more to go to. So basically they throw you a bone to get you to go spend money someplace that you might not go to. Who in the heck goes to Hooters? Who wants to pay for way over priced cookies at Sheri's berries? I certainly don't have money to throw away at flowers dot com. Please fire the person in charge of the Rewards program and hire someone who knows how to negotiate better deals. I can get a better discount by just going to the Applebee's website.  These 4-10% discounts are a joke. We don't even have most of these places where I live anyway. How about getting more amazon gift cards for points? We can mostly use them easily. Hello AARP, your customer keep telling you that the rewards program is broken since you changed it years ago. Why do you keep ignoring everyone? You also have one of the worst websites around, except I think Costco's website is even worse. 

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I completely agree.  I have only been an AARP rewards member for less than a year, so am not familiar with how the program worked years ago.  But the way it is setup now is not that great, since like you, I can't use many of the gift cards available for purchase with points.  And the ones that I can use are usually sold out by the time I see them.  So I end up using my points for instant win and sweepstakes, but I almost never win any of those.

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Even the customers help more than the employees of AARP. Notice below the customer links her right to the rewards redemption and yet the employee links you to a page to figure it out. Fire the people who are supposedly trying to help and hire the customers who might be able to use the extra part time money. The retired people wouldn't cost as much as well. 

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@Leeza123 You may also be interested in checking out our helpful article:


Clicking on the following link will take you to the Redemption webpage... lots of choices for redeeming your points.

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