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Space Station

Started my day off today, chilly morning, hot coffee, clear skies and a perfect view of the international space station passing overhead. Easily visible without binoculars or telescope, but those would enhance it for sure. 

You can sign up for email alerts from NASA when the station is over your customized location. Includes time, duration, where in the sky to look and direction of travel. Most recommendations are just after sunset or just before sunrise. 

Just do a web search for spotthestation. 

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I’ve done this a few times and it’s always a powerfully reflective moment on what we can achieve together. For those trying it, patience is required. The apps help tell you when and where to look, but they can’t always get it right for your exact location nor control for what might block your view of the horizon.
Passing directly overhead is the best and it moves pretty fast. 

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