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Redeeming Points for Sweepstakes

Is it worth redeeming points for a chance to win a sweepstakes gift card? I redeem about 7,000 points (in total) each day for a chance to win but not sure if it is worth it. I am just wondering if I should just keep earning points and redeem them for the random $5.00 gift cards they have instead.  What do you all think? Think it's worth it?

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I don't think it's really worth it, since most sweepstakes only have 5 or 10 gift cards available and there are probably hundreds (maybe even thousands?) of people entering them. I try to use my points for the points-only gift cards (the $5 or $10 ones), but alot of the ones I want sell out before I can get them, so I usually earn more points in a month than I can use on those gift cards. And I might as well use those extra points on Instant Wins and Sweepstakes, even though I never win those. With the sweepstakes, I usually just pick one a month and enter the max per day, but I've been doing that for over 3 years and have never won. So even though I don't think it's worth it, I figure I might as well use my points on that instead of just earning points and not doing anything with them.

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